The particular Legend Of Luang Poh To In Thailand

The Star of Luang Poh To is concerning three images regarding Buddha. It had been said that a thousand years ago 3 statues appeared suspended for the Bang Pakong river. Though the statues were called three brothers, it is believed they were not made by simply mere mortals. Not any one knew the particular origins of the statues.

The local individuals attempted to stop typically the statues and get them ashore but they failed within their attempts. The most significant of the three figurines floated down the particular river to the marine, where he adopted the upper coastline with the Gulf involving Siam, finishing his / her journey in the particular Mae Klong Lake at Samut Songkhram. In , the local folks invited the figurine to come ashore and dwell in typically the temple of Wat Ban Laem. The particular statue accepted typically the invitation and came up ashore.

The 2nd figurine followed an identical course like the very first statue but this floated up typically the Chao Phraya water towards Bangkok. The particular second brother floated past Bangkok then along Klong Bang Phli. The initial temple along the canal was Wat Nam Daeng, also known as Purple Thorn Temple. Typically the local villagers attempted to get typically the statue to enter the temple. That they used all feasible means of seduccion. They worshipped the other brother and lit up joss sticks however the statue did certainly not stop and continuing on its approach. The villagers had been completely powerless to stop the sculpture.

The second close friend then reach Wat Bang Phli Yai, another temple alongside the canal. Typically the locals immediately started out worshipping him plus they used a sacred white bond to draw the statue to typically the shore. This period the villagers were successful and the second brother was stored in Wat Hammer Phli Yai in addition to it is recognized as Luang Através de Tor.

The next statue came to remainder on the banking companies of Bang Pakong river in exactly the same place where the Wat Sothorn now stands. Legend has it that the locals initially tried out to persuade the next brother to come ashore but failed within their attempts. Therefore, they worshiped him and used the sacred thread in order to pull him ashore. Now, the 3rd brother is housed in Wat Sothorn.

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