Lilly Hawkins (A Poor Day’s Work by Nora McFarland) Has a Facebook Account!

Move above Riley Spatz and Stephanie Plum!

Variety-hearted and a tad bid awkward, Lilly Hawkins, a Tv news photographer, finds herself attempting to make the greatest of her self-vital, typically erred approaches of pondering. These days, her occupation is often in jeopardy. It is not that Lilly doesn’t do her work correct, she always implies properly but sometimes, issues just do not function out the way that she experienced hoped.

When a 5 alarm crisis seems in the middle of the night time (murder scene), Lilly is established to confirm to her superiors that she does have what it will take to be a exceptional “shooter”. But, as luck would have it, Lilly will get a lot more than she bargained for. Racing to the criminal offense scene as quickly as she can so that she can “break” the tale, she understands it far better be outstanding content simply because if not, her ninth life at the station is about to run out.

Following filming what she thinks is the biggest piece of her job she is dumbfounded and crushed to find out that the online video she taped disappeared. That’s right! There is practically nothing on the digicam! is there?

Right after a undesirable day’s work, Lilly understands she far better lay low. Every person is out to get her. She will be betrayed by individuals she least expects and beloved by these she’s relatively deny. The police and a infamous gang chief is hot on her heals. They all want that tape! Why you question? The important to resolving the murder lays in the crime scene alone.

Can Lilly concurrently out-wise her pursuers and stick to the clues that will direct to a killer? Or is she destined to be the up coming 5 alarm emergency in the center of the evening herself? Poor Day’s Function is a debut novel by Nora McFarland. Nora, a previous Bakersfield Camerawoman (just like Lilly Hawkins)who also worked for CNN has an MFA (Learn of Fine Arts) from the University of Southern California’s university of cinema and tv.

You’ve got acquired to give Nora a round of applause. She has produced a probably well sought right after trilogy with tons of twists and turns(Sure, I mentioned trilogy). The suspense retains you on your toes, the motion retains you in your seat and the humorous tones maintain you laughing out loud throughout the complete book! Lilly Hawkins is delightfully quirky with her well intentioned methods. She’s her possess worst enemy for certain!

Already read through A Negative Day’s Work?

Be certain to get this fascinating Lilly Hawkins Mystery to your next book club conference. You will find a group guidebook in the back of the e-book. In no way lead a book club session prior to? Never worry, there are dialogue questions included to help you lead your team. There is a minor bit of almost everything for all guide overs mystery, suspense, humor, romance – you identify it!

Be certain to check out the interview in the back again of the ebook too. She’s candid about her fears of composing her 1st e-book as effectively as, her adore for textbooks in standard. Hey, maybe she can inspire you to lastly get your novel accomplished? If she can do it, you can as well!

What? Lilly Hawkins has a Facebook Account?

Lilly Hawkins has taken to the air waves on Facebook to keep you up to date about Bakersfield News!!

I want much more Lilly Hawkins!!

Your wish is Nora McFarland’s command. There are rumors that Nora will be releasing a next and 3rd Lilly Hawkins novel subsequent calendar year and the one particular following that (2012). Let us keep our fingers crossed!

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