Furnace Installation

In order to maintain a safe, energy efficient Furnace Installation Scarborough , the homeowner has many appliances to monitor, and often has many questions. Knowing when to have one’s furnace inspected and/or changed, and knowing what the warning signs are, are very important questions to be considered.

On average, a homeowner should have the furnace changed once every 14-20 years. Replacing an old furnace will ensure the safety of everyone in the home, and will be more energy and cost efficient in the long run.

An inspection should occur typically four times a year; however a professional may not be needed each time. The area around the furnace should be kept clean, and the inspection should consist of checking the air filter and either replacing it or washing it as needed, as well as inspecting the furnace for signs of unusual operation.

Signs that it may be time to replace the furnace are an unusual increase in gas costs, odd noises coming from it as well as some visual signs. As a furnace ages it becomes less and less energy efficient. An unusual increase in energy bills may suggest the furnace needs to be replaced. In addition, any banging, popping, rattling, or squealing noises may indicate that something is wrong. Finally, visual signs such as streaks of soot around the furnace, excess moisture on windows, walls, or other cold surfaces, and a yellow or flickering flame (a sign that poisonous carbon monoxide could be created by your furnace) are all good indications that the furnace needs to be changed.

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