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When you're looking at the city landscape in Bend or across the country you can see just how many different types of residential real estate there are on the market today. Millions of people are interested in purchasing their own home from Florida to houses for sale in Sharon and they all have a different set of needs and tastes. There is certainly a local property that's right for you but before you can find it you need to find your own home style. One of the newer models that is becoming more popular is the stacked townhouse. Here is a little about the pros and cons of this design.

The definition of a stacked townhouse is not difficult to understand. It's just a row house design with one unit on top of the other. Many people like the concept of townhouse living because it seems to bridge the gap between living in single=family dwellings, like you would commonly find with Hopewell Junction homes, and modern condos like in downtown Portland. You get that community feeling of living in a planned complex without paying for a long list of amenities that you might not have any intention of using.

When looking at stacked local or Pickering townhouses for sale you will find that many of them offer you that little bit of extra privacy over a condo and some do offer a few condo-like amenities. You might find that there is a courtyard that is only for the use of the townhouse residents or even a pool or a tennis court. You will also usually find that there is a big difference between living on the bottom and the top floor of the stacked home.

If you're walking into the front door of a stacked townhouse you will usually immediately see stairs in front of you. Those living on the higher level of local or Richmond Hill townhouses will find that their home is spread over two or three levels. You might even find that the kitchen and the living room are not on the same level in some designs. If you're weighing the value of a stacked townhouse that you should remember that all of these stairs are included in the estimate of the square footage of the property. But this is really not usable living space.

Stacked townhouses are still a relatively new housing type that you will see with homes throughout the country. The best way to find out if you can see yourself living in this type of property is to go and visit local or dentist downtown Toronto and take a look around. There are those who love the feel of the community and those who feel disoriented in the alternative design.

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